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From a discussion on Nate‘s google+ – I wrote a bit, so I figured I’d use it again. Recycling’s all the rage nowadays, right?

1) I don’t necessarily agree with the way penny arcade published the whole e-mail-exchange, nor with the bullie-argument. I’ve been bullied and I don’t think burning everything down is the best solution.

BUT Christoforo has made it SO much worse on his own, so he (imo) still deserves all the shit he’s getting. Until he actually sees the point!

2) I read Christoforo’s response on Kotaku and I think it shows exactly what’s the problem with his “apology”:

“I didn’t know who that guy at Penny Arcade was. If I had known, I would have treated the situation a little better. PAX is a great show. What he does is what I’ve been idlolizing since I was a kid. It’s admirable he’s put that together. He has a lot of connections, ones I want too. […]
Ultimately, if I was able to control the customer, it never would have happened. I’ve dealt with thousands and thousands of customers with similar complaints, they were all asking the same question. When is it big enough that it hits the news? When it hits Penny Arcade, when it hits a guy who has the biggest affiliations in the industry.”
(quoted from Kotaku)

Essentially, what he’s saying is “I would’ve been nicer, had I known this would be publicised” He’s also saying “had I known this person was important, I would’ve been nice” (which is basically what he told Nathan this summer). So really, his defense is “I’m only nice when I know there are cosequences for not being nice” and now he’s asking for people to back off, NOT because of his behavior, but because he behaved like this toward the wrong people.

That’s not how it works.
a) be nice to people. period.
b) especially to your customers. No matter if they’re John Doe or the mayor of Boston. Honestly, from everything that I’ve read so far, I’m gathering that Christofor either has no customer service personnel, or they are equally incompetent as he is. So, this is all him and there are simply no excuses either for the way the e-mail-exchange went (“Dec. 17” in itself is inacceptable for customer service) or for how he handled the ordeal that ensued.

“Welcome to the internet, bitch”.
Or at least this is how I roll.


Das Internet ist…



aua, warum machst du das??
– Das ist arschig gemein, was du mir da zeigst. Und du findest das auch noch lustig…!
Das ganze Internet ist arschig und gemein, darum konsumieren wir das doch, oder nicht?
– MEIN Internet ist warm und flauschig.
Jaja, facebook und webfail!
– warm und flauschig 😦

How to annoy Facebook

So, we all know that facebook is a data kraken in the bottomless abyss of the interwebs.

Even though facebook now offers a download of the data they stored on you (go to “account settings”, the links is on the bottom left), word is on the street they know more about you then they let on.

For a complete picture of what they know and what they deleted – and more importantly, what you deleted, but is still in their database…Click here for the direct link.

Austrian law student Max Schrems has started the much publicized project Europe vs. Facebook – he doesn’t have anything against Facebook, but wants them to abide the law.
And apparently, Facebook already feels there’s something happened: They can’t process all the requests in the 40 days they originally promised… (Screenshot in German).

And yeah, producing, burning and sending out CD-Roms is hard on the environment. That’s your personal choice.

I’m still debating on whether I want to send them a picture of a government issued ID — if I do, I will also download the info they provide under “settings” and update you on whether the two data packages are the same.

Bester Spam ever ♥

Sehr geehrter Kunde,

Unsere Bank hat eine Generalьberholung, die oder rutschen Fehler unterzogen.

Bitte laden Sie den Anhang und nett zu Ihren Daten und Kontoinformationen sicher zu aktualisieren.

Wenn Sie unsere Leistungen gab, ignorieren Sie bitte diese Nachricht.

Wir alle kennen und respektieren


und nett zu Ihren Daten !