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am I the only one whith these ideas?

hot water bottles from fashy.


Occupy the world.

In America, you are the 99%, but to the rest of the world you're still the 1%.

harsh. crude. true.

People are on the streets.

In principle, I think that’s awesome. Regardless of what I will write in this post, I think it is remarkable how people are shaken out of their lethargy, their complacency, out of their god-given role of being a powerless victim.

I suppose that in my generation I am not the only one wondering if there’s still cause to demonstrate. For women’s suffrage, against the Vietnam War, for Free Love, against the Cold War, for Nuclear Disarmament, against tuition and nazis if you’re German, or for solidarity with Africa — there are a lot of things that people took to the streets, but they are all a little outdated.

Today, we complain on Twitter, on Facebook, or, like me 😉 on our blogs. About “the war”, “the terrorist threat”, “the economy” and people’s general stupidity. There’s so much “kinda wrong”, but because we are also “kinda safe”, warm, well-fed and online, we are appeased, perplexed, and lazy. We watched the Arab Spring with a sense of awe and longing for a revolution, some kind of action that gives us back hope that we can change our world.

And now, suddenly, there’s this (western-)world-wide movement. Occupy Wallstreet, Occupy London, Occupy Frankfurt, Occupy Rome, riots and trash, and food donations from bankers to the crowd – food and blankets, mind you.

My question is very simple:
What is the goal of the demonstrations?

People protest against the pecuniary power wielded by banks and international organizations. They are angry because the arrogance of investors and bankers are shoved in their face, because they are expected to pay up for the sins of a globalized financial system that has yet to figure out how to put cooperation and the greater good of the masses above financial advancement of the few.

Commendable reasons, sure. But what good is camping on Wall Street gonna do? There are no easily changed laws or policies that will satisfy the demands of the movement. Really, what are you asking for?

Allow me to guess…
Anyone should be entitled to adequate nutrition and housing, to affordable education and health care. The single citizen should not have to pay taxes to support grand scheme banking failures. One job should be enough to support a decent life, the stock markets should be less volatile, prices must be reasonable, politicians noble and children should respect their elders. And, of course, we’re not self-centered and ignorant. We want this for everyone in the whole wide world.
So really, these protesters seem to be asking for the banks, investors, cooperations, to change their policy of making money using every legal and moral loophole they can find, to a world where the law is reasonable and everyone abides by it.

Fat chance ‘o that…

So yes, let’s get loud. Let’s be active. Let’s try and change the world.
But may I suggest that we take some of the energy that goes into tent buying and park cleaning so you’re not forcefully evicted for something that might be smaller, but will also make a direct impact?

Buy local and organic if you can. Even if you can’t afford it right now – ask your supermarket to widen their product range. Educate yourself. Educate your children, your family and your friends. Smile at strangers. Help out at a shelter. Donate what you can. Take re-usable fabric bags to the grocer. Eat less junk food. Capitalize on left-overs. Tolerate your neighbors lifestyle choices. See past their religious believes. Turn off the lights when you don’t need them. Carpool. Join a cooperative. Buy less cheap china-made clothes from minimum wage shop assistants. Don’t print out all your e-mails. Plant a tree. Tutor a child. Take away your fair trade coffee in your own mug. Don’t buy at Wal-Mart. Or Kik. Campaign for your cafeteria to avoid multinational companies in favor of local soda-drinks. Introduce meat-free days. Recycle, dammit! Adopt a child from the third world. Start a Free Box. Visit someone at a hospital. Send a card to an estranged friend.

These are no either/or-decisions!

Let’s change the world in every way we can. And don’t believe anyone who says it’s easy.

Peter King on "Occupy Wall Street"


(Who the hell am I to lecture you?
I am, unfortunately, not a perfect person living a perfect life. I try to do more, I fail at lots.
So, please believe me when I say I’m not trying to lecture. Instead I’m trying to raise awareness on a heart felt topic that’s been on my mind ever since #occupy became the next big thing.
But I believe that there is no excuse to be blissfully ignorant. Always strive and always propagate the strife. Do Good, Be Good, Feel Good. Because it doesn’t do any good for you to be dispirited.

Occupy Your World.)

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Please notify me if I’m infringing your rights. 

What a gay posting…

How many Homophobes does it take to change a light bulb?
They fear change, even if it would make the world a brighter place.
~ source

This is a video which reached me via Otep Shamaya.

Some time ago, in response to the growing number of suicides among gay youths in the US, Dan Savage started the “It get’s better“-project. It encourages queer adults to share their stories and struggles of coming out and dealing with being different and being bullied and harrassed because of it, with the aim of assuring struggling youths that they are not alone, and, of course, that it gets better. The campaign received widespread attention when it was endorsed by Lady Gaga.

In the youtube-video above, you see 14-year-old Jamey from Buffalo, NY, struggling in his surroundings, and yet speaking of hope.
He comitted suicide shortly afterwards.

I would love for campaign to expand to everyone struggling:

As for living proof:
You might remember that quite a while ago, actor Ian McKellen participated in a pope-critical gay pride parade, wearing the same motto-shirt as everyone else, and then some wise-ass nerd ‘shopped it and fooled the news for a while? Yep, that’s right, he’s gay and has been out for over 20 years.

~ source

But, despite being gay, not only is he a pretty decent, successful and wealthy actor — he’s also got a wicked sense of humor.

I haven't been able to figure out the original source, hints are appreciated.

Go ask, go tell.
Let’s make it better. And don’t forget the hearts. ♥

wir heiraten… vielleicht nicht…

 Ich hab geträumt, damals, vor vielen Jahren, hätte es E-Mails gegeben über die Heirat meines Cousins. Und um es mir einfach zu machen, habe ich “allen antworten” geklickt und geschrieben, dass wir übermorgen heiraten. Ich hab niemandem von dem Plan erzählt, auch Aim nicht. Ich wollte dann nur noch schnell nach Essen fahren und dort einen Termin im Standesamt machen.
Das ging aber nicht.
Und ich hatte schon die ersten Antworten in der Mailbox, die wissen wollten, wann sie wohin müssen und Glückwunsch und so. Dabei hatte ich doch noch nicht mal ein Kleid!

Naja, ich hab dann die Hochzeit schnell abgesagt.

Auf einmal hatte ich noch eine ganz gemeine Mail im Postfach von einem Menschen, dem ich angeblich bei eBay einen Fernseher verkauft hätte, er hat meine Hochzeitsmail auch bekommen. Der Fernseher funktioniere nicht. Ich hätte ihn betrügen wollen. So ein Quatsch!
Er hat mir dann sogar eine E-Mail eines Jura-Bekannten von ihm mitgeschickt, in der aber im Prinzip drin stand, dass er keine Chance gegen mich habe. Als ich ihn darauf hingewiesen habe, antwortete er, man könnte meinem Mondgesicht ja ansehen, dass ich immer genug zu fressen hätte.


Ach so, das Foto ist bei uns im Schlafzimmer. Das Flugschwein habe ich danach direkt mal kaputt gemacht.

Interpretationen anyone?

I finally…

…could talk my parents into bringing back a pudgy brown horse, a plump black and white tomcat and a ragged little dog from some vacation. They all could talk, too, and then there was a white mare about to give birth, too, and I brought them water and ice tea in flower buckets…

Alles nur geträumt…

… heute morgen träumte ich, es klingelte an der Tür und der Postbote brächte mir Wunderpillen, die machen, dass ich mein Studium abschließe. War leider nur ein Traum.

Vorher war irgendwas mit einem Kollegen (zumindest war er das im Traum), mit dem ich in irgend ‘ner Jugendherberge war. Er hat sich dann aber aus dem Staub gemacht und ich suchte ihn erst auf einer Bootsfahrt auf der Schwimmende mit Pfeilen getötet wurden, und rettete dann lauter Kinder. Wir haben Vorräte aus der Garage meiner Eltern organisiert und haben uns versteckt.

Auf dem Weg wurde ich, mit nem Kind an der Hand, von einer fiesen Type verfolgt, das war aber okay, denn ich konnte ihm eine winkende Hand an den Arsch zaubern 😀