How to annoy Facebook

So, we all know that facebook is a data kraken in the bottomless abyss of the interwebs.

Even though facebook now offers a download of the data they stored on you (go to “account settings”, the links is on the bottom left), word is on the street they know more about you then they let on.

For a complete picture of what they know and what they deleted – and more importantly, what you deleted, but is still in their database…Click here for the direct link.

Austrian law student Max Schrems has started the much publicized project Europe vs. Facebook – he doesn’t have anything against Facebook, but wants them to abide the law.
And apparently, Facebook already feels there’s something happened: They can’t process all the requests in the 40 days they originally promised… (Screenshot in German).

And yeah, producing, burning and sending out CD-Roms is hard on the environment. That’s your personal choice.

I’m still debating on whether I want to send them a picture of a government issued ID — if I do, I will also download the info they provide under “settings” and update you on whether the two data packages are the same.


2 thoughts on “How to annoy Facebook

  1. If you’re not paying, you’re not the customer, you’re the product.

    Ich verstehe schon, dass man Facebooks Politik etc. kritisieren kann. Aber auf welcher Grundlage denken so viele FB-Nutzer, sie hätten ein Recht auf einen kostenlosen facebook-Account dessen Konditionen sie selbst bestimmen …?

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