Dear Facebook

Addendum Sep. 26:
Okay, so apparently now you cannot delete tags of yourself on photos (unless, maybe, you tagged yourself?)
You can only mark that you don’t want the picture to be shown on your profile and ask the person the photo belongs to, or facebook, to remove the tag. Yay.

So. Let’s talk about those recent changes that I’m not allowed to complain about

A while ago you changed the photo view.
First, it was all normal and html. Then you made it pop up in black and we couldn’t deeplink anymore. Then you made it white and hid the close-button in the top right corner of the screen while with other applications, the close-button is in the top right corner of the app.
Also, now the caption looks like a comment and I cannot tag people that aren’t on facebook anymore (we used to be able to do that… :

It's all good tho, because right click and "open in new tab" gets me back to the regular old html-view...

Then you changed the chat.
It is now ALWAYS visible, no matter whether I want to chat or not (I usually don’t, because the chat sucks…), but that’s alright, because I can’t go offline on the chat anymore anyways. I can only mark myself “unavailable”, but I still show up on my friends list, inviting them to message me.

Messages and chats are also mixed now, so whatever I chat about is stored in endless histories in my inbox. Who cares whether I might be searching for stuff in a message thread that was actually somewhat important.
Oh, and who needs subject lines in messages, anyway, right?

THEN you added another division into the chat buddy list: I can now always see some people (who, I assume, I communicate with sometimes? Or what other criteria did you use to choose to display these?), no matter if they’re online or not.
If I then scroll down, I can see other people who are online. Who I can actually chat with.

Yay….. That looks SO awesome on a 10″-screen </irony>
Then you changed the friends-lists.

Because, really, your users weren’t able to create lists for the close and not-so-close friends themselves…
Now, when I view my friends and want to sort through my lists, I click on the list-button.
I used to be able to just check the appropriate links then, but, because you added a bunch, NOW i have to click on “view all”, leaving my friends-page, then choosing the lists, going back and do it all over again FOR EVERY SINGLE FRIEND.

screenshot of my small browser-window

And now… the homepage

Where shall I even start?

First of all, what’s the deal with the chat?
As if it wasn’t screwed up enough in the first place, you have now added ANOTHER row to the ever-visible chat column, one that changes by the second.
I can now see that someone I don’t regularly speak with has liked the picture of a random friend of theirs, whom I don’t know.

Facebook, that is SO awesome.
I REALLY needed to know about this, even though I neither know the person who posted it, nor can I see the actual picture. THANK YOU!

And what’s the deal with those “top stories”? WTF?
Where did you get the impression I wasn’t able to decide what I care about?
Apparently so, because now you pre-digest the content for me – who knows by what standards and if I want to see everything that’s happened, I have yet another button to press to see those things.
Thanks, though, that you believe my own posts are top stories for me and need to be displayed at the top of the page.

Yes, I realize I’m not a paying customer. Yet, facebook is making money off of me!

A few versions back, you used to be able to choose whether you wanted to switch to the new version. Now it’s forced down our throats – facebook is putting the money they make with their users into developing things that everyone complains about?

I don’t get it…


3 thoughts on “Dear Facebook

  1. Ok, not only was this hiliarious, it was TOTALLY on point. I’m now afraid to check FB on my phone while I’m in the bathroom for fear that someone might hear me flush the toilet!! They seriously need to get it together. Great article on on CNET about FB’s recent craziness.

    • haha, hear you flush? Doesn’t your cell have a camera ?? 😉

      No, seriously, I’m so thrilled I can post my digital timeline, too, though.
      I imagine, if you don’t post “I’VE JUST BEEN BORN” as soon as you popped out, you won’t really exist to the next facebook generation…

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