don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got til it’s gone?

Hope should die.

Why, you might ask. Hope gets you through the day, it keeps you alive and kicking and breathing, you say.
But I say hope breaks you down. It keeps you going until the very last minute, and you feel like everything should be fine. Soon.
’cause there’s still hope, right?

Hope might be the last thing to go, but it will – eventually.
It sneaks away, leaves you behind, and for a moment, you’re lost. You will be shocked, at first, confused. You can’t believe that hope left you. And then you sit back and take a breath and realize… you are alone.
Awful, isn’t it?

And so I say hope must die. If there is no hope, we need not worry it will leave us. We can live our life unperturbed by the rushes of excitement that surge through us when we think of something that … gives up hope.
Because there is no hope. And everything nice that happens will come as a pleasant surprise. When you least expect it. No more searching.

So I declare, hope shall die.

As I have a thousand times before. I suck at this … 😉

music: Skunk Anansie – Weak
Now I sit here I’m love’s last home
I’m all of the soft words I once owned.
And if I opened my heart there’d be no space for air…


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