i went to the movies…

So, I actually went to the movies, twice in one week, I think.

We went and saw Star Trek in the un-dubbed version. Which took the theatre a while to figure out, we missed Ayel’s actual threat in the beginning because the sound was off for a while and it switched between German and English for a bit. Annoying.

The movie was okay. It’s hard to believe it’s still Star Trek and (okay, Spoilers here…) I guess they got around it pretty well by introducing the alternate universe, but… ach, I don’t know. I liked Spock and how they portrayed him, even though he was sort of Emo, I admit (but hey, it was Zach ;)) and Kirk was his cowboy-self, but hey. Uhura and Spock?? Come on…!!
Weirdness, seriously…

Wolverine was an okay-movie. Again, not very much like the X-Men-movies before, but a nice flick. Still, it felt very inappropriately cut, as if important pieces had been left out. And me noticing – that’s really saying something…


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